Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A most auspicious day

Not only was yesterday the summer solstice, luring me to stay up past my bedtime watching Pushing Daisies*, it was the SMPH ice cream Christmas**!  Sure there are football games and basketball games, and all manner of classes and research and distinguished-type speakers on campus, but for the School of Medicine and Public Health, one day stands above them all.  The Day They Bring The Free Ice Cream and We Can Eat As Much As We Want Day.

We'd gotten at least three e-mails reminding us that the big day was about to arrive.  I was thinking about putting together one of those paper advent chains you make when you are a kid so I could tear one off per day and think, "Just a little bit closer to SMPH ice cream Christmas."

Everybody who is anybody was there, including three big time Madison Runner-Bloggers.  That would be: yours truly (I scoop mocha macchiato, 1 scoop chocolate peanut butter), TutuRunner (1 scoop chocolate peanut butter, 1 scoop orange custard chocolate chip), and Running Diva Mom (1 scoop cookie dough, 1 scoop chocolate chip frozen yogurt***).

Not wanting to waste such a lucky day, I decided to use some of our limpy kale to make kale chips.  There was much excitement and surprise that they tasted good!  Kale + salt + garlic + olive oil + Parmesan cheese + oven = tasty.

Daniel proclaimed them the strangest thing he'd ever eaten, but then I reminded him of these.

Which are still- inexplicably- in our cabinet.

What's The Biggest Day of the Year where you work?  Or the strangest thing you've eaten lately?

*Only three episodes left- I simultaneously want to call in sick and knock them out and stretch them out and make them last forever- darn you, writer's strike!
** Not to be confused with Hippie Christmas, that's in a couple months.
*** Actually I don't know what flavor(s) she ate, I just added that for symmetry.