Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sand Cake

Check out my non-chocolate version of dirt cake.

It's crushed up Trader Joe's brand golden Oreos on the bottom, covered with vanilla pudding, and topped with TJ's sea animal crackers and gummy sharks, lobsters, and octopi.  You could pin it on your "Things to Make for My Future Child's 5th Birthday" board.  

BTW- if you haven't wasted any time on Pinterest, I think most of you would enjoy it.  You have to sell them your Facebook or Twitter soul, but then you can browse and "pin" pictures interesting ideas/recipes/books/knit kumquat baby hats that are already saved on the site or that you find on different websites and blogs.  I haven't pinned much yet, but I hear once you start, you'll be so busy pinning things that you won't have time to actually do any of the things you'd pinned that you'd like to do.  Pretty sure that's a metaphor for life. 

It is 65 degrees and breezy, and I'm going to go run.