Wednesday, April 13, 2011

T-shirt Scarf

I had some old t-shirts that had sentimental value that were not going to last much longer at their current rate of use.  I wanted some way to preserve them but still be able to wear them.  I've seen t-shirt quilts before, but I didn't have enough that I thought "went together" to make a quilt.  Awhile ago, I was thumbing through an Uncommon Goods catalog, and I saw this t-shirt scarf, and thought it would be the perfect solution.  If only I were good at sewing...  I mean, I could probably throw something together if I wasn't worried about doing "do-overs", but I didn't want to wreck my stuff in the name of a Sunday afternoon experiment.

So I turned to Etsy to see if anyone made them.  After some poking around, I found Laura's shop: Banoonoos.  She pre-makes scarves to sell but indicated that she'd do custom orders.  After some discussion, I sent my shirts, and very soon after, I had a new scarf (for only $15 plus the cost of shipping).

The shirts are all from our days in Albuquerque: three running shirts (one of which was made of tech material), a snowshoe race shirt, and a shirt from a trip I took with our church.  Laura did a beautiful job preserving the logos on the front.  I really manhandled it putting it on to take the picture, and all the stitching felt sturdy.  It's also thick and warm enough to be useful.

You can still see almost all of the print when its on.  If I were going to wear it "for real" I'd pair it with jeans and a plain colored long sleeved shirt.

I have no financial incentive to write this review.  I did think it was a neat idea that some of you might be interested in, and I am truly happy with it and wanted to give Laura some free advertising.

And with that, I'm going to go deadlift 145lbs.  What a great way to start a Wednesday.