Friday, April 8, 2011

Signs of Spring

Is it here?  Could spring really *finally* be here?  Let's consult the checklist.
  • Has it snowed in the last week?  Yes, BUT if all goes well for the next four hours, the answer will be NO!!
All gone!
  • Have you gone outside without a jacket?  No, but I've gone outside with only a single jacket rather than having to wear multiple sub-jackets.  And... we are forecast for highs in the 70's!!!!!!! this weekend.
  • Is the current temperature below freezing?  NO!  It's 40 degrees before 6am.  Heat wave!
  • Are there signs of animal life?  YES!  The birds are singing.  The raccoons are coming out of hibernation in the storm drains.  The geese are stopping traffic.  
They live there.  Too creepy.

Not my picture.  I wasn't fast enough to get
a picture of a goose stopping traffic both ways on my
way home from work. 
  • Have you considered not wearing wool socks?  Not quite yet, but I'm getting a pedicure this afternoon (and a hair cut) so there is the possibility of me not wearing socks.
  • Is the heater off yet?  Ha!  Not until May.
  • Are there flowers blooming?  Um... there are green things poking out of the ground.  I think that's what a plant is... It's been so long.
  • Have you opened a window?  YES!  Now I can enjoy a cool evening breeze and keep the smoke alarm from going off while I burn dinner.
Raise your hand if you're glad it's not winter any more.  Put your hand down, and get out there and enjoy it.  Any other signs of spring you're glad to see?  It's been a long week (but productive) week at work, and I'm excited to start the weekend a little early this afternoon.  YAY for warm weather.