Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stupid Internet Wednesday

We had our BIG MEETING at work yesterday, and it was a success.  I wasn't actually involved in the presentation, but it's still a huge relief to have it over.  Which makes it the perfect time for some dumb humor.

This one's been going around for awhile, but it still cracks me up:

Instead of using the microwave for making dinner like I normally do, last night it was the stage for an epic battle- MORTAL PEEP FIGHT.

Here are our two contestants in Peep Joust 2011.  I've got my money on the one on the left.

Sadly, our microwave has this anti-fun screen so you can't really see how massive they got.  Also, it would have been easier to see which one "won" if they were different colors.

Definitely not as good as the original:

Have a good Wednesday, kids.