Monday, April 11, 2011

Guess who did a pull-up this morning?!?

Me!!!!!!  I've been trying to do one for about forever.  Even last night when Daniel and I were walking, I made an attempt at the pull-up bars and was able to pull myself up until my chin reached the bar, but I had to give a kick to get my chin up and over it.  This morning, I walked into the gym and decided to give it another go as a warm-up.  That's when the magic happened.  I jumped up and grabbed the bar (and then let myself back down so my arms were fully extended- we're all about good form around here) and *did a pull-up*.  I was so shocked that I did another one just to be sure.  I think the main difference between this morning and yesterday afternoon is that the bar at the gym is thinner than the bar outside, so it's easier for me to get a good grip.  Regardless, it still counts!  I actually did a few more throughout my workout just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating, and yep, I can do a pull-up.