Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hi everyone,

I finally have a minute to share some details of my vacation to Florida.

We flew in to Orlando a week ago Sunday and spent Monday afternoon with my grandparents.

Tuesday my parents treated D and I to a trip to Sea World. Here's a picture of Shamu telling you to believe in yourself.

Highlights included riding the Manta roller coaster, feeding a Manta ray (they suck the food out of your hand!), seeing the manatees (ie. salad monsters), and watching a little girl get attacked by a zombie crane (there's a reason they tell you not to feed the birds).

The next day we took a drive up to see "real Florida". This included pancakes for lunch at DeLeon Springs. Evidently it's not the water that is the fountain of youth- it's the syrup.

After a few days with my parents, we drove up to Gainesville for my brother-in-law's wedding. We had a great time seeing seeing family and being part of this big event. I took lots of pictures, but I'm not sure how the people in them would feel about them being all up on the internet, so I give you: cake.

Hopefully the bride and groom are having a wonderful time on their honeymoon. Actually, given what time it is where they are, they should probably be asleep.

As far as working out goes, I was proud of myself for getting out and running or walking every day. It was much warmer and more humid than I'm used to. I started out with good intentions of doing pushups, but it didn't really happen. I'm back on the bandwagon now.

I'm catching up on housework/work/blogs etc but hopefully I'll be back to regular posting again!