Monday, June 29, 2009

One Garden Myth Busted

I didn't think I was going to have time for an update today, but I'm going to try for a quick one.

Running has been going pretty well lately. I've been pretty happy with my 5x per week: 4miles x 4 days and 6 miles x 1 day, but I'm hoping to maybe increase things a little bit. My butt, and hip issues have been practically nonexistent lately, which makes me very happy. I'm also starting a new strength training plan that will carry me through the next month. Hurray for variety!


Check this out!!!!

It's a salad with the romaine lettuce I grew in my garden! It was tasty, but honestly, I thought it tasted just like lettuce from the store. I know you're supposed to say how much more delicious food tastes when you grow it yourself, but it was just regular. But it was cool to have the satisfaction of eating something I'd grown myself. My love-hate with the garden swung a little more toward the love side after that.

I also ate some of our green onions on top of my stir fry.

And while I was on a green-things jag, I cut some of these guys from a planter in our apartment complex. Yep. I'm that classy.

Hope everyone had a lovely back to work Monday.