Friday, June 19, 2009

All Around the Garden

Woohoo it's Friday! No definite plans so far, but working on the garden and a birthday dinner for D are both on the agenda.

I also wanted to give a public congratulations to my brother who just found out he passed his Florida Engineer exam yesterday. This is a big, long, scary exam, and passing it means 1) He never has to take it again and 2) He gets bumped up a pay-grade. So congratulations, J, you are well on your way to endless drudgery... I mean the wonderful world of work.

I've had some good runs this week, and- knock on wood- all my aches and pains have felt better. I took a bit of advice from Jess yesterday and slowed down today to make my easy run truly easy. Is there any runner out there who doesn't run too fast on easy days? It's so tempting.

I have a great idea for something to make for D's birthday Wednesday, but until then it will remain a secret. Muahahaha.

Let's see if I can find some good pictures... How about some pictures from the garden area? There are people with all sorts of gardening styles. We have


People who are concerned about Mongol invaders

People who obviously know what's going on

People who are unclear on the concept


Our garden!!!!

Hopefully the plans are much bigger now. Or at least not bug infested and/or carted off by raccoons. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.