Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crazy Food Combo


I had another enjoyable run this morning: 4 miles out and back on the Lakeshore path. It was only about 48 degrees at 6am. I don't know what I'm going to do in FL next week when it's 85! This afternoon I'm headed to the gym to lift weights. I'd love to run again tomorrow morning, but I know I need to take a rest day. Three days in a row is enough for right now. I'm finally getting over my piriformis problems. I don't want to invite another injury along for the ride.


Behold, my creation:

It's creatively titled "Stuff that needs to be eaten before we leave on Sunday." The ingredients are salad greens, broccoli slaw, a veggie burger, salsa, and scrambled egg whites with cheese melted on top. Eat your heart out foodies. I'm even going to tag this baby because my weird food combos happen more often than you'd think.


Not a ton going on. I'm looking forward to meeting with my conversation partner tonight and catching up with her. I'm trying to think of things for us to do together so she can experience more of American culture. Maybe I should take her out for ice cream, haha. Mmmmm... ice cream.