Monday, June 22, 2009

First Garden Harvest

Hi everyone,

It's hot here. It "feels like" 96, which, even by the standards of places that are actually hot is hot. Which means the gym is going to be a real treat this afternoon because it's not air conditioned. There are fans and they keep the windows open, but it still gets pretty warm and muggy. I call it Bikram weight lifting. And the floor... well... try not to slip.

I had a great run today after my day off yesterday. It wasn't super speedy; it just felt really good. And my piriformis pain seems to slowly be going away.

We have our first harvest from the garden!!! Green onions.

I spent a long, hot, sweaty time weeding yesterday so these bad boys better be worth it. There's way more than we'll ever use so I'm going to try to get some of our church group members to take some. The rest will go to work with me tomorrow.

I won a contest on a blog. I enter a lot of contests on blogs because, really, what the heck, right? Some of the stuff I'm not even remotely interested in. But I won a copy of a book on Cranky Fitness that I'd probably actually pick up at the bookstore and read. I don't really believe in buying books unless you know you'll want to use them for reference, but I have no problems with being gifted with a free one. Thanks, Cranky Fitness.