Saturday, May 30, 2009

YAY! For No More Heat

So they fiiiiiinally turned the heat off in our apartment building, so now instead of being insanely hot at night, it's kind of chilly. Oh well. I'd definitely rather put on a pair of socks than sweat all night.


I did an easy 4 miles yesterday and a 6 mile "long run" this morning. Yesterday afternoon was also lower body strength training day, and D met me at the gym to work on my squat technique. I'm trying to work on my hip and ankle flexibility and get down to a true parallel squat. Anyway, I'd been having trouble keeping my torso upright, and I wanted to get some feedback. D's suggestions were to move the bar farther down my back and to get my stance a little wider, both of which helped a lot. I'm still using a very light weight (only 65 lbs) but I think my form is getting there, and I'll start being able to add more weight soon.


We had gyros for dinner in the rooftop garden at Parthenon Gyros off of State St yesterday. Calling it a rooftop garden was a little bit of a stretch because I think the only plants out there were fake, but it was a nice evening to eat outside.

RW people- I think I have almost all of you added to my blog roll and my sage feed. YAY! I love spying on people, and this is even more intrusive than Facebook. Haha, just kidding... you think.

This is going to be a fairly boring weekend. We'll just be doing a lot of errands and normal stuff. Weeding the garden. D needs a hair cut. But that's okay because we're leaving for FL in a week for my brother-in-law's wedding, which is going to be a lot of fun.

I do have a question for all of you out there- especially now that there might be quite a few RW people reading. Do you ever feel weird/bad about choosing to do sedentary activities? Maybe not the college students because you are up and walking around a lot, but now that I have a sedentary job, I feel kind of bad/guilty if I'm not doing something active all the time after work and on the weekends. I do run, ride my bike back and forth to work, and climb stairs with co-workers at lunch time so I don't sit alllll day, but sometimes I want to sit and work on my cross stitch or read after work or on a weekend afternoon, and I feel guilty for not being outside biking or walking or whatever. Anyone else get this way? I know it's irrational, but it's alway nice to be irrational with others.