Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Norway

We all need a little enchantment every now and then, don't we?


Just an easy 4 mile run this morning. My has been doing much better these last two runs. I can only hope it's really on the mend and not just fooling me. Tomorrow afternoon will be upper body lifting. I'm counting down the days until the gym is open in the morning again. It's sooo much more convenient.


D and I managed to eat an entire watermelon in two days. That's way healthier than what I want to eat right now, which is a vending machine pack of peanut MnMs. Fish is on the menu tonight. Maybe with some lemon pepper seasoning???


We went out to Little Norway yesterday. I'll let you read about it if you're interested, but here's a few pictures:

This is a Norwegian church that was not built on or for the area but was given a home here.

Dragons on top of the church just in case it needed a little extra protection against evil spirits.

Nice view of the valley and one building with a sod roof.