Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Okay, so I'm back.

I tried out being Reformed Runner for a little while, but I think that blog was a little too serious. My posts over here are a more lighthearted, plus I think Wordpress is kind of a pain to use, and more people have this blog address.

I still like having the Food, Fitness, and Finding Balance labels because they give me direction, so I think those will stay.

On that note:


Leg day yesterday and 4mi with intervals this morning. I used the Smith machine to practice doing full squats, and I'm thinking about using it for my warm-up on leg day from now on. I don't want it to become a crutch so I'm not planning to do all my squats using it, but it does help me with the balance part of getting into the full squat.

My run this morning went really well, too. I did 10 x 1min fast, 1 min recovery. Most of my "fast" minutes were between 7min/mile and 8min/mile pace depending on if I was going uphill, into the wind, etc. However, I hit one interval at a 6:5X pace, and I was super excited. I know there are people who can easily run a marathon at 6:5X pace, but for me it was pretty awesome to just see a minute there.


I need to go out and water the garden today. We were practically swimming in April, and now the ground is quite dry. The good news is that all our plants are still looking... alive... after the freeze scare Saturday night.

Finding Balance-

I risked life and limb yesterday to take pictures of the baby goslings out by the lake (geese are mean), but I forgot the camera-to-computer connector thingy. Because I don't like getting on the computer when I'm not at work, I probably won't post them until tomorrow, but they were super cute. Actual geese are mean (as I mentioned before) and poop everywhere. I have a picture of that for you, too.