Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grocery Shopping Adventure

So these things aren't exactly daily, but whatever ;).

Got in an upper body workout yesterday and a 4mi run with 2mi tempo this morning plus a little yoga here and there. Tomorrow will be lower body after work. I'm going to be really glad when the gym is open in the morning again. I love to have my workout done first thing.

I think I may have some insight into what's bugging my hip, too. I think it's doing the stairs. Monday I felt a twinge right in my trouble spot when I was on my second round of stairs. I did a double round today, but I think I should stick with just one set from now on to see if that improves the problem.

I'm not sure if I've posted about it before, but I have a conversation partner who I meet with each week so she can practice English ask questions about American culture. She also tells me a lot about China and Chinese culture, which I think is really cool. Yesterday she was asking about the English word for some foods so we took a trip to the grocery store. It was neat walking up and down the aisles and talking about all the different foods and seeing a grocery store from a completely different perspective. Actually, it was kind of strange for me because we usually shop at Trader Joe's so I'm not used to that much variety. There's some pretty crazy stuff in grocery stores these days.

It's been neat to see all these RW forumite blogs. I'm going to do my best to add all of you to my Blogroll and Sage feed reader. Feel free to add me and make comments!