Monday, February 2, 2009


Married To The Sea

I realized that if I don't start posting more often, my secret cupid is going to have no idea what to get for me!

First, a few random updates:

1. Tri club- Dinner and party were fun. It was nice to play college student again for an evening. Spinning was supposed to start tomorrow, but it's pushed back until either Friday or next week. I might go to the gym and ride the stationary bike just for a change of scenery.

2. Running has been good. I'm upping my mileage slowly, and I had another great speed workout on the treadmill today. I'm learning that I can go a lot faster than I think I can. Today I did my intervals starting at 7.2 and increasing to 7.4. I'm still trying to figure out where that "really hard" spot is. My goal this week is to run with Fleet Feet on Saturday unless it's cold or snowy out. Even though I'm feeling good, I think next week should be a cut back week.

3. I still have a hard time getting excited about swimming. And I'm not swimming today if the pool heater is still broken. Too cold.

4. I actually enjoyed watching D's indoor rowing meet on Saturday. He did very well for himself, and the whole event gave me a lot to think about in terms of pushing myself. I will leave that for a later blog entry (don't want to waste all my good ideas at once!).

So... about me...actually I'm going to totally punt on this one, and just copy in my 25 random things about you note from Facebook. Ha. I hope this helps anyone new around get a feel for who I am.

1. Yesterday the high was about 30 degrees. I therefore declared it, "really warm," and wore a short dress and sandals to dinner (with a coat- I'm not insane). Trying to walk in snow slush in heels is not a great idea.

2. My two favorite TV shows are What Not to Wear and My Name is Earl. I'm not sure what that means about me...

3. For the last 4 weeks I have only run and biked in place, and I've somehow convinced myself those activities are forms of entertainment. This goes along with #4.

4. My new favorite activity since November has been only going outside when it's absolutely necessary.

5. I can read books describing really gory murder scenes, but I have to cover my eyes if there's violence in a movie or on TV.

6. I'm actually doing the job I went to school to do, and I have really good coworkers. It's surreal.

7. I give people I don't know secret nicknames. I used to see Teddy Roosevelt walking in the morning. He had a beard, dressed in slacks and a shirt, and walked really fast, swinging his arms wildly. I think Teddy Roosevelt is somehow appropriate.

8. I will also name things if the right name occurs to me. My old Saturn was the Blue Jellybean.

9. I used to be incredibly shy around people I didn't know well. Now I am incredibly un-shy. People who know me now can't believe the first one, and I'm sure if I see people I knew in high school, they'll have a hard time believing I've become so outgoing.

10. The transformation that happened in #9 is definitely a result of teaching at the community college in New Mexico, and I will always be thankful for that. It was also a result of watching my dad and his ease with people. I try to follow his example when I'm not sure what to say.

11. I went to a house party for the first time in forever last night and only because it started at 9pm.

12. I can't seem to sleep past 7am no matter how late I stay up. Fortunately I rarely stay up late. My brain goes off the clock at 6pm.

13. I'm reading the Bible this year- chapter by chapter- starting in Matthew and taking notes as I go because I don't really pay attention when I read if I don't take notes.

14. I like the idea of enjoying to cook, but at 6:30pm I'd really rather just have the house elves make something appear.

15. I will never take having a dish washer or my own washing machine for granted ever again.

16. The church we are going to has 20394803 members and looks like a high school performing arts building. I'm still not sure how I feel about that...

17. I talk a lot about running and triathlon, but my only true fitness goal is to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon before I have a baby. At the rate Daniel is going in school that should be no problem. ;)

18. I think indoor rowing meets and roller derby games are way more entertaining than they have any right to be.

19. I like light roast coffee, which means I think Starbucks is nasty.

20. I like drinking wine more because it makes me feel like a grown up than because I actually like wine.

21. My only other professional goal is to become a personal trainer one day. I think I would like doing that. The problem is I also like ice cream, and that doesn't do much for my "professional image".

22. I wish I would devote more time to practicing creative writing and practicing the piano.

23. I still refuse to like the Packers. Take that, Wisconsin!

24. Our downstairs neighbors need to turn down their heat- for real. I think they opened a Bikram yoga studio in their living room.

25. I hate olives, ginger and licorice..