Saturday, February 14, 2009


Workout: 9mi on the treadmill watching Man vs. Food.

We got some snow last night. Enough for us to spin into a median driving home from dinner and to see a bunch of unlucky people who spun into other cars. It hasn't snowed in several weeks, and it was all white and pretty when I woke up. Unfortunately now it's just wet and drippy. But that means it's sunny and warm. No complaints there.

In other news, I got to see The Lute that D will be playing during early music ensemble, though I did have to tell him to quit it with Rhiannon and give me some strummy 15-th century stuff. He can also play the beginning of Stairway.

Still crossing my fingers for heart-shaped pizza tonight. And/or ice cream, which is a weekend tradition for us. Now it's time to relax with one of my new books.

Oh yeah! And The El Dorado Grill I mentioned yesterday? Two hour wait without reservations! And she said it's that way every night, not just on Valentines weekend. This is not a fancy place were talking about here. So we went to Chilis.