Friday, February 13, 2009

Taking it Easy

Workout: 4mi easy

Today is the first installment of Easy Friday. I ran 4mi this morning at an easy pace and didn't do any other exercise. No lifting, no biking, no swimming. Nothing to get in the way of my long run tomorrow. Hopefully the snow we're predicting to get will go along with the plan.

Tonight we're going to The El Dorado Grill for dinner. I just scarfed down some Secret Cupid chocolate so hopefully my appetite will be back by the time we get there, get seated, etc.

Anyone doing anything special for V-Day? There's a pizza place in town that's making heart-shaped pizzas, which has some appeal, but we're not planning to do anything special. D got his licorice last night, and I ate the jelly beans I was planning to give him so we are both set on the junk food front.