Friday, February 27, 2009

Is winter over yet?

I woke up to an ice skating rink today. We are in the fun part of the transition from winter to spring where it gets warm during the day, snow melts, the roads and sidewalks get wet, it gets cold over night and the water on the roads and sidewalks freeze, and I have to walk like I'm saddle sore to avoid slipping and falling. No fun at all. I am so so so ready for it to be spring.

In other news...

We got our Girl Scout cookies today- one box each of Thin Mints and Carmel Delights. I've wanted to eat one (box) all day, but I know I'll never be forgiven if the boxes don't come home intact.

We saw Man on Wire last night. Very suspenseful considering the guy is being interviewed for the movie so he obviously didn't fall to his death. It's also proof that good movies do not need to be more than an hour and a half long (which is the length of my attention span).

Working out had been good. I'm starting to realize that afternoon workouts actually do energize me. I was afraid they were making me too tired, but no, sitting on my butt all afternoon was what was making me too tired. So I'm going to try to keep up and add more easy workouts in the afternoon.

So what have I been doing this week:
M: Run am, swim PM
T: Spin/strength am, run easy PM
W: Run am, swim PM
R: Spin/strength am
F: Run easy am

And the plan is
S: Run 60 min with some hills
U: Bike trainer and run easy

Again I'm very hopeful for getting outside to run tomorrow. I think as long as I go late enough for the ice to have a chance to melt, I should feel confident enough to run outside. I really really really need to get out if I want to succeed at my 1/2 marathon in May, but I really really really don't want to bust it on ice.