Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scheduling, spinning, etc.

Today's fitness fun:

Upper body weights- 3x10 reps of dips, seated row, bench press, overhead press, pullovers, and runner's raise- and core.

Spinning- 45min regular class at the Nat.

I think I'm finally figuring out a real schedule for the spring, with the goal of balancing easy and hard. I know I mention it a lot, but probably my biggest fitness struggle is making my hard days hard enough and my easy days easy enough. My natural tendency is to feel good, do too much but not with much intensity, crash, and repeat without making any progress. So I'm purposely choosing to take a very easy run day on Friday and a 45-min easier spin class on Thursday rather than a harder hour-long spin class on Friday. This also allows me to do my weight training at the same time as spinning, which I think is easier on my body than doing too separate workouts. Plus it's more efficient time-wise.

So right now things are looking like (intensity level in italics):
M- Tempo run (am) hard, swim (pm) easy to medium
T- Spin (am) medium, strength training (am) medium
W- Intensity run (am) hard, swim (pm) easy to medium
R- Spin (am) easy to medium, strength training (am) medium
F- Run (am) easy
S- Long run (am) medium to hard
U- Rest

The number one thing I'm trying to keep in my mind is that to get better, I need to focus my effort on those Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday runs. Everything else is secondary. If I need to take Friday off because I think it will give me more energy Saturday, then I shouldn't worry about it. Friday run << Saturday run.

So here's the question of the day: Do you have an overarching fitness "vision" that you use to keep yourself on track? Like, "I want to run XX time in a marathon so everything I do is dedicated to that goal." If that means you don't ski all winter or you take 2 weeks off running to let an injury heal, that's totally fine because it supports your goal of running XX time in a marathon.