Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Thaaat's Where Broccoli Comes From

Hi all,

Well, a Wednesday update never happened, did it? I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I'm just going to update this guy once a week. I just don't have that much interesting stuff to say on a daily basis, and I'm not crazy about working on this thing at work or being on the computer after work (because that's what I do all day). But I'm still keeping up with all your blogs, and I'll try to be good about commenting.

I ran 26.5 miles this week, did 45 min of elliptical, and 3 weight training sessions. Not too shabby. My days broke down like this:

Monday- Easy 5 mi. Probably should have been shorter, but I was feeling really good. Full body weight training in the afternoon.

Tuesday- 5mi with 4 half-mile repeats.

Wednesday- 45 min elliptical. Upper body weights in the afternoon.

Thursday- 4.5mi with mile 3 at tempo pace. It was supposed to be run at faster than 10k pace, but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out my pacing. Lower body weights in the afternoon.

Friday- 4mi with 8 x 1 min fast, 1 min slow.

Saturday- 8mi with the first 6 easy and the last 2 faster. I think I actually did the first 6 too slow, which actually felt harder on my body especially when I tried to pick up the pace. I think next time I'm going to try to run a more normal pace- just not fast.

And today is REST!!! Except that I might try to do some yoga later because I'm feeling kind of stiff.

D and I saw Harry Potter Friday night. It was pretty good, but obviously they had to leave a lot out. I can't believe the last one is actually going to be split into two parts. I think this will be the first instance where it will actually take less time to read the book than to watch the movie.

What else... I've been playing a lot of cards lately. I'm getting pretty good at Euchre, and on Wednesday night my conversation partners and I played Go Fish. They also taught me a couple of Chinese card games. It was funny because our games were so similar, but just a little bit different. I thought for sure that would recognize and have played Go Fish before, but nope. Something very similar, but not exactly the same.


The garden is growing like crazy!!! Thanks to all of D's hard work last week, the weeks weren't growing like crazy, though.

Tomatoes!!! None are ripe yet, but we probably have 20 between all 6 of our plants.

Ever seen this much broccoli all at once?

Squash going crazy. These plants were only a few inches tall last week.

Same with these flowers. I can't believe how fast everything is growing.

Well, it's laundry time. I'm going to do a Lazy Gourmet entry here in a second, but I'll see you back here about this time next week.