Monday, July 6, 2009

Lazy Gourmet

Last night I not only cooked dinner, but I did what every healthy eating expert tells you to do: plan ahead for the week.

So I roasted 2 big chicken breasts, each cut into 2 normal-sized pieces. I really really really hate cooking meat, so this was a big deal for me. Two went into dinner and here's the other two left over. Not only do I hate cooking meat, but I hate eating the meat I've cooked after I cook it, so let's hope I don't ignore these guys and let them spoil.

Dinner was pretty tasty. Just chicken and garbanzos with cauliflower in Trader Joe's Masala (not to be confused with Marsala) sauce. Plus some lettuce from the garden.

I have a bunch left over, too.

I stuck one tupperware full in the fridge for later this week and one in the freezer.

I really should have taken some pictures of the garden because we have some baby broccoli and tomatoes coming in. And there were three beautiful wading birds wandering through a neighboring garden, looking for lunch (sorry neighbors). But I did get some more flowers! So pretty. I hope no one catches me.