Monday, August 4, 2008

Speedy Monday

I did my Monday speed workout on the treadmill today. 2mi warm up followed by

2x [1200 CI, 800 CI, 400 PI] with 400 rest in between each. I did the CIs at 7.2 and the PIs at 7.7 at first and then backed off to 7.5, which is more in line with 5k pace rather than goal pace.

The thing that I noticed about these intervals is that they start out feeling harder than on the track, but once I get going, they aren't actually any harder. I think I sometimes psych myself out of doing speedwork on the treadmill because it will be "too hard" but now I have confidence that if I just hang in there during the adjustment period, it won't be too bad at all. Plus, a little practice dealing with discomfort is not a bad thing.