Sunday, August 3, 2008

The coming week

Here's the plan:
M- 8ish miles inc. 1200 CI, 800 CI, 400 SI, 1200 CI, 800 CI, 400 SI
T-6 mi
W-6 mi (may swap with Thurs)
R- 8ish miles inc. 4mi PI followed by 1mi CI. This may get swapped for Wednesday due to time constraints. I have to take D to work every day this week because we only have one car now (yay!). I should try to do it on the treadmill, but I find it harder to stick with a tough pace on the TM than on a flat road or the track. We shall see.
F- XT. Probably my last spinning class at the gym.
S-12 mi
U- rest

That ends up as 42mi- sounds about right to me.