Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

I've definitely been neglecting the blog lately. Sometimes I feel really motivated to the post and sometimes not so much. Anyway, I'm feeling nice and relaxed after a surprise day off.

When I say the university never closes, it's pretty much true. The last time non-essential employees were told to stay home was 1978. So we were expected to get really terrible weather today.

We did get a lot of snow (15 or so inches)

But the weather was actually quite mild. While D was busy doing this

I was working on this

Otherwise I didn't do much of anything today, and it was awesome. I worked on my ornaments a little bit, I read some Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I did a bit of yoga, and I took a nap. I also got in a 6mi run on the treadmill. Very grateful for the treadmill. I'll be back on there tomorrow as it is going to be COLD. Like high of 7, -20 windchill cold. I kind of wish we could have had tomorrow off instead! It's miserable to be outside in that kind of weather... even for a few minutes.

Oh! The other highlight is our latest Trader Joe's find. Gigantic pears that taste like grape Flav-o-ice pops!

If you have someone to share it with, I would highly recommend these because they are HUGE.

Anyway, it's back to real life tomorrow. Hope everyone stayed safe and warm today. Even though we got off easy, I know some places really got hammered by the wind.