Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Training and a Test (Daniel)

Here is yesterday's training. This is pretty typical of what I've been doing this year.

-- 135x8
-- 225x5
-- 305x4x4 (barely touch the ground on each rep)

-- 275x4x5

DB Overhead Press
-- 55x4x5

-- 2x10

Bench Press
-- 135x8
-- 205x2x1

Shoulder moves with light dumbbells

This is my "rep" day, where I perform higher volume on the deadlift and press. On the weekend, I do a "heavy" day with singles or doubles. Last weekend I hit an easy 365x3x1 deadlift; this week it will be 365x3x2.

I've moved away from hard benching. Overhead presses are easier on my joints and better for my physique. I'm throwing in a couple of moderately heavy singles just to keep the feel of the movement. Truth is, I'm a terrible presser and always have been. My lifetime best bench is only 245, done at a weight of about 175. That's not terrible, but definitely isn't smashing any records.

I like the idea of working up to 225x10 on the bench, so that I could accomplish the 10-10 Ultimate Fitness Challenge:
  • Bench press 225x10
  • Immediately afterward, run 1.5 miles in under 10 minutes
A few years ago, everyone was worried about all-around fitness and being ready for everything. I blame CrossFit*. People were making up all kinds of ridiculously complicated challenges and lists of skills that needed to be mastered.

I made up the 10-10 challenge as an antidote. Individually, neither of the tests are that hard, but the combination is deceptively challenging.  Lots of guys bench 225x10 and lots of people can run a 6:40 per mile pace for 10 minutes, but surprisingly few can do both.

I can't do the 10-10 Ultimate Fitness Challenge. Yet. I guess I need to put it on my list of 37 things to accomplish in 370 weeks.

* CrossFit deserves blame for a lot of things, but this blog is not prepared for that amount of hate.