Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Thanks to Daniel for guest posting while I was away.  Check out the hat post if you missed it.

We had some long days at the conference, but I can't complain too much because they were started with beach-side runs and ended with beach-side seafood dinners.  I got to wear shorts and sandals for the first time since... last September??    

Tuesday was my poster presentation.  Unfortunately, instead of hiding out in a back corner, it was selected as a "hot topic" so I got a fair amount of traffic.  99% of people who came by were helpful and interested.

The title is so long this has to be important.
The rest of the time was spent at talks and looking at other posters.  I feel like I learned some stuff, especially about genetics.  I camped out in front of the poster of another young woman from the Mayo Clinic and refused to leave until I understood what copy number variation meant.  

And then no conference would be complete without checking out the freebies.

Sadly neither the cute stuffed mouse or the eyeball were free.  I'm thinking that the ratio of cute stuffed mice at an exhibit booth to the actual happiness of the mice the company works with is pretty high.  Most of the swag was limited to pens and Hershey kisses, although I did score three bags of chocolate covered coffee beans from one vendor.  Two of those kept me alive during Wednesday afternoon.

Now I'm back, hopefully slightly smarter and not too much fatter after having gorged on delicious seafood and Snickers from Genentec.  Time to hit the gym.  It's 60 degrees out at 6am!  Spring is finally here!

Thanks, Kerri, for the pictures!