Friday, December 5, 2008

You can't always get what you want

As you can tell from my December goals, I was riding high off my race last week. I was all set to start another hard week of training, but Mother Nature and my body had other ideas.

This has been the first week of really snowy/cold/yucky weather. One of my coworkers said it's more like January right now than a typical December. It bodes well for my winter/early spring training that I'm still able to get out there and run, but I think it's to the point where I can't continue doing speed work outside. The condition of the sidewalks changes too frequently to try to run all out. And because I really felt like running outside this week I wasn't able to do any of the FIRST runs.

Also, all that fatigue I thought was going to hit me last week hit this week. My run Tuesday was very slow and tired, and, after a hard spinning workout on Wednesday, I just had to take Thursday off. I'm glad I did because I actually felt like a human being after work, and because I was actually excited to run this morning (even though it was -4 with the windchill). I also didn't go to dry land yesterday, but I'm planning to do my workout DVD after work.

I still haven't figured out what races I want to do next year, but I'm a little more hopeful about my ability to train decently during the winter. I think I'm going to revise my goal of continuing the FIRST runs and do the treadmill speed runs in my Training for Multisport Athletes book.

Recent workouts:
Mon- Spin
Tues- Run 6mi easy, workout DVD
Weds- Spin (hard)
Thurs- Rest
Fri- Run 6mi easy, workout DVD?