Monday, December 1, 2008

December Update

It's the first day of the last month of the year. 2008 has really flown by.

I think I skipped November in my monthly fitness goal update, so I'll try to go by what I remember by October/November/Fall fitness goals were.

Ran a 1:48 1/2 marathon in Oct, meeting my sub-1:55 goal.
Ran a 50:01 10k in Nov, meeting my sub-51 min but, alas, not my sub-50 min goal
Ran a 23:40 5k in Nov in the middle of the 10k above, meeting both my sub-25 and sub-24 min goals.

I've been messing around with lifting but nothing serious. If I had any goals for this, I definitely did not achieve them.

Lots of thinking, not much action. Pretty much the same as above.

December goals:
Keep up with the FIRST workouts.
Figure out what to do race-wise for next year.
Try to keep up with running and XT-ing while on Christmas break

Try out the dry-land practices for tri club
Strength train 2x per week, even if it's just push-ups while I'm away.

Commit to keeping special treats limited to special days.
On "feast" days, eat until 80% full.