Friday, December 19, 2008

Mental Health Day

We had a lot of bad weather- well not as bad as was forecast- this morning, and because all the local schools were closed, I decided to take today off from work. It would give me a little extra time to finish the laundry and dishes, pack, clean off the car and shovel our spot, etc. etc. Anyway, I'm definitely glad I did. I would have stressed about being ready had I gone to work, and honestly, I probably would have accomplished very little.

My hip is feeling much much better. I ran outside yesterday and have decided I need to get some of those chemical hand warmers. Most of my body was okay, but my fingers, OW!!!! Today was 6mi on the treadmill in the afternoon. Note to self: burrito + running- even 3 hours later- = a bad idea.

I'm leaving tomorrow to visit family for the holidays so posting will be sporadic. I'm so so so happy to be able see everyone and to thaw out a bit. It's hard to be so far away from family sometimes, and it's stressful to move to a new place- especially one with such a different climate. I'm happy we are here in Madison, but it will be nice to be "home" (as if I knew where that was) for a little while.

Safe travels to everyone out on the road!