Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ready to go

I'm ready to go for my 1/2 marathon next weekend. I hope I'm ready to do a little tapering this week. Most of my runs call for a few fast intervals so maybe that will keep me from feeling too antsy. I know that tapering isn't that important for a shorter race like this, but I want to do the best I can. There's a possibility now that I won't be able to do the race, and that would be dissappointing, but I'm going to keep my hopes up that it will work out.

The plan is to take the week off from weight training and do only one workout per day (no swim/bike doubles). I'm going to check out the tri team's spinning class tomorrow, and if I like it, I'll probably join the club. It will give me a good opportunity to do some different workouts during the winter and hopefully meet some fun people.

I'm excited both about the race and about starting my new tri-style training program after it's over.