Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First FIRST Run

So I've been saying that I'm going to start doing the FIRST training plan, which mixes 3 days of running with 2-3 days of intense cross training. This morning I did my first FIRST workout from the 5k training plan. I'm interested in using FIRST to training for the MadCity Marathon next spring, but because I want to do a few 5/10ks in the next few weeks I thought it made more sense to do the 5/10k workouts (they are basically the same). This morning I did a 2mi warm up, 8x400 with 90sec recover, 1mi cool down. Here are the paces for my 400s. They aren't super consistent, but it's a start. Repeats 1 and 3 were a little on the slow side, but these were supposed to be run at a bit faster than 5k pace (or in my case goal 5k pace because my current 5k time is way slow) so they were in pretty much the right range.

1- 7:42 (min/mi)
2- 7:26
3- 7:41
4- 7:10
5- 7:36
6- 7:25
7- 7:16
8- 7:20